Q Banjai had a succesful launch party on October 29, 2022 to announce his new company Voppell 500.  He incorporated his birthday celebration and a bit of networking with Westside Referrals Network group. Voppell 500 is the perfect tax solution for small businesses for only $500. You can file your taxes nationwide with a CPA!

Banjai, is a licensed CPA and a graduate from USC with a master’s degree in business taxation, teaches an MBA course, and is fluent in multiple languages including English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. He has also won numerous awards.  

Q’s parent company Voppell provides specialize advice for small and medium-sized companies, offering low-cost tax filing solutions. His new Voppell 500 allows both small and medium-sized companies to have a CPA in their pocket for a modest fee of $500. 

Below are some photographs from his recent party captured by Julie Hopkins of Camera Creations Photography in Los Angeles. 

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