Private & Group Classes with International Ballet Dancer, Julie Hopkins

  • Ballet is beautiful and those who study the art of ballet gain the beauty and grace that this movement provides.

  • Ballet incorporates music with every nuamce and step. What could be better than melding music with your life. You can dance through life and jette over the bumps that may come your way.

  • Ballet helps you to deal with stress, gain strength and pose.

  • Ballet's etiquette and traditions are things that all people should aspire to. You can be a romantic too!

Sign up now for your private classes with Julie Hopkins at 323-466-3909, or julie. Group classes coming soon.

Investment for One-Hour Individual Private Lessons:

1 - Private, $75

4 - Privates, $285

8 - Privates, $540

10 - Privates, $638

What to wear:

  • Pair of ballet slippers.

  • Leotard and tights.

  • Long hair pulled back in chignon, pony tail or bun.

  • Leg warmers and sweater for the beginnning of class.

  • Small towel for dapping perspiration.

Please arrive at least 10-minutes before class to sign up, stretch, and get acquainted.