Dance Portrait Information

Dance portrait photography can be accomplished as either an interpretive dance session or a series of dance moves to represent a dancer for audition presentations.

Julie Hopkins is equipped with expertise knowledge of dance, as her background includes a 13-year career as a professional ballet dancer, and can help the dancer achieve the best outcome from the session. For example, a young dancer may be struggling with a specific step, her arm position may be a bit off, Julie will acknowledge the problem and work with the dancer until the dancer gets it right. The dancer will leave with a portrait representing a well executed step and have a "step" up on the other dancers who may go to the audition with a snap shot taken by someone who does not know how to shoot dance.

An interpretive dance photography session entails the creative efforts of the photographer and dancer. Sessions can be done at the studio or a specific location. They often involve costuming, dramatic lighting, props, and strong emotions. The resulting images are great for a professional dancer's portfolio.

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