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Julie will create dance portraits for your students and their parents, publicity and/or capture a performance.

As a previous professional ballet dancer, Julie has the advantage of seeing and then capturing the most opportune moment in dance gesture.

Julie and her photography team can come to your dance studio, after arranging a date that is convenient for you and your students.

She will photograph the students, place their images online for viewing and ordering, and once the orders are placed Julie will give you a

percentage of the gross sales and an agreed upon group of images (quantity is determined by the sale of prints from session to parents) for

you to use for your school advertising. Julie will work with school to alert parents well in advance to the schedule of the session(s) and

coordinate the print ordering information for the parents. Julie will provide order forms, a poster to post for the upcoming sessions and arrive

on prearranged dates after the session to place the orders.