Personal Branding Photography Los Angeles

PATRICIA LYNN LAAS, hair colorist and stylist in Beverly Hills, featured above. Our client for over 5 years!

CASSANDRA BAILEY, personal branding session for her entry into Dove Show Us project.

  • In this era of online business we need to advertise our brand via social media outlets, such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin,...among others, and we specialize in helping you to populate your social media pages with our beautiful professional imagery so that you can get on with you life.

  • What is personal branding photography? A cross between lifestyle and commercial photography that reflects your brand. From studio shoots, on location events, at home, or products we can cover your branding as a cohesive whole.

  • Who needs a professional photographer to help them with personal branding? Successful businesses that have an online presence and want to have their imagery reflect their professional status (no more cell phone pics). We deal with businesses whose gross profits average $200,000 or more.

  • We learn what you business needs are, we listen to your concerns and can create enough web ready, social media imagery to last 3-months to one year!

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