Boudoir Photography Session Details

The original meaning of the French word “boudoir” indicated the private part of a ladies sitting room for several activities, one being to spend time with one's romantic partner. Today the term boudoir, in association with photography, means sensual images of women done in a “boudoir style.” And, “bridal” boudoir photography has become a popular way for women to present a gift of an album of their boudoir style images to their soon to be husband.

Boudoir photo sessions with photographer Julie Hopkins of Camera Creations Photography can take place in the photography studio with a staged bedroom scene, on a fur rug, sitting on sultry chairs or at another location such as in an attractive hotel room. During the session women are partly clothed, may have sheets draped over parts of the body to indicate nudity and/or are dressed in beautiful lingerie. Boudoir sessions can also be done to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, weight loss, maternity, any form of body change or alteration and as presents for soldiers overseas. For many women a boudoir photography session can change the way they perceive themselves and are sometimes described as a transforming experience.

A consultation will be done before a boudoir session in order to arrange the location, wardrobe and makeup. Sessions can take anywhere from one hour to three depending on the nature of the session. Please call Julie to book you session today: 323-466-3909.