Julie is also known as “The Baby Whisperer”

The heart and soul of a new family is the “newborn baby”. The span of time spent in this precious moment of “babydom” is so very short. The best way to preserve the memories of a tender newborn is through a professional baby portrait photography session. Start with a newborn session or we also have Baby’s First Year Portrait sessions that cover the first year of a baby’s life in three sessions.

I love photographing newborns they are blessings for us to behold and fill our hearts with gratefulness.

– Julie Hopkins (aka, “The Baby Whisperer”), Photographer/Owner of Camera Creations Photography

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Newborn Photography Session Details

Our newborn photography portrait session is a tool to create legacies for families as the resulting images represent a moment in time in an individual’s life that will never be repeated. The newborn stage is so ephemeral that it lends well to being documented with professional photography. Click on link to hear Julie speak about newborn photography.

That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet – Emily Dickinson

The process starts with a consultation where we find out what you want from the session. 

You are advised on:
* Dietary restrictions if you are breastfeeding
* Best ways to prepare baby for the session so that they are calm during the session
* Clothing color choices, background choices, and props (that can be personalized)
* Best practices for hanging your artwork in your home and/or what type of artwork you want us to create

Newborn sessions typically take longer than the average portrait session, lasting anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, depending on baby’s schedule and mood during the session. We start with a series of newborn poses, change in props, and, finally, can incorporate the parents for another series. The session can take place at the studio, or your home if it is quiet and warm. At the session, we will make an appointment for a projected ordering session at the studio to review 30-40 proof images to order your artwork. All members who will be ordering artwork are welcome to the ordering session in order to facilitate the ordering process. Please note that we do not present images online or send digital proofs via email. We take pride in delivering the best quality imagery and care about helping our clients make decisions on how to best display their artwork with an in person design session.

Additional Notes:
Newborn safety is a top priority. We don’t take risks. Our posing props are stable, and we use a spotter (assistant or parents) to help hold the baby in place until capture time.
The best time for a newborn session is anywhere from 5 to 21 days old. And, ideally, 5 to 10 days old, as this is a time when baby tends to spend most of their time sleeping, making it very easy to put them in a variety of poses without discomfort.
Be prepared for a longer session (2 to 3 hours) if the baby needs to be fed, changed, or time taken to lull them to sleep.
Bring light clothing to change into, for yourself, while waiting as the room will be toasty during the shoot to help the baby sleep and feel at ease.

Baby’s First Year Portraits

Your new baby changes so much during the first year. Each phase of development is an opportunity to capture enduring memories and important milestones. Experience the joy of knowing you are capturing those unique and fleeting moments. The baby plan includes a photographic memoir of the first year of your baby’s life in three separate photo sessions.

Tummy Time:
The first session takes place at three to four months old when your baby can lift their head. We focus on all the little details – the hands, fingers, toes. If desired, for an additional fee, we can feature the special bond between baby and parent. Mom and Dad often are dressed in long sleeved black shirts and dark pants or jeans. Your baby can be bare, in a diaper with a diaper cover, or in a cloth diaper. 

Sitting Stage:
This is a time to highlight the dawn of your baby’s independence. Your child should be sitting independently for this session. Appropriate clothing includes: diaper covers; bloomers; overalls; tulle skirts; or a simple solid-colored outfit.

First Steps:
At the final session we capture the essence of your baby’s personality. Choose either a formal or casual session. Clothing ideas include: cowboy outfits, a fireman’s hat, a tutu, or a party dress. Baby can be photographed eating their first birthday cake wearing a party hat.

Each session is approximately 1 hr. depending on baby’s needs and whether the session is done in the studio, or on location. As with all our portrait sessions time is scheduled for a Ordering Session to review and choose images to order prints or albums. Images must be ordered within 30-days of each session to receive Baby Plan pricing. All members who will be ordering artwork are welcome to the viewing sessions in order to facilitate the ordering process. Please note that we do not present images online or send digital proofs via email. We take pride in delivering the best quality imagery and care about helping our clients make decisions on how to best display their images. 

All three sessions must be of the same child. A sibling or parent may be added for an additional fee per person. Program expires when the child turns 15-months. You will be briefed before each session on what to bring, a good time of day for babies pictures and different framing options to best display the session images. 

Individual baby sessions are also available.

Please call to schedule your free consultation for your Baby’s First Year Portrait Series today: 323.466.3909

Complimentary Consultations

Call me to schedule an in studio complimentary consultation appointment where I get to know you, give you expert advice on how to prepare for your session, show you samples of artwork and find out your home design style (for portrait sessions), so that when it comes time for your photography session you are fully prepared and can just relax and have a great experience. Call me at 323-466-3909.

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