Brand New Actor Lifestyle Shoot

Michelle is a aspiring actress who had never been through a photo shoot. She needed some shots for a composite. These are a few of the shots for her portfolio. Michelle did a good job for a debutant.

2 responses to “Brand New Actor Lifestyle Shoot”

  1. Julie you you are the greatest!! Michelle was so happy at the end of her session, you made her so confortable and relax , I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making her feel so special, this is one experience she will always remember and thanks to you it was a great one!!. definatly is official now , you will always be her photographer !!!


  2. Thank you Lydia. I appreciate you leaving a comment. I enjoyed the photographing Michelle, so the session was good for all. And, I am looking forward to many years of photographing Michelle, and hopefully you as well.


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