Rancho del Sol Pacifico, Malibu Wedding Photos

Here are some images from Amir and Fernanda’s wedding at Rancho Sol del Pacifico in Malibu, CA. We had a great time photographing this wedding. The couple was happy and enthusiastic to have their wedding photographed by a professional wedding photographer. I found them to be wonderful people and photogenic to boot. Nathaniel Neubauer of Contemporary Catering provided an sumptuous meal for the reception. The DJ made the evening into a dance extravaganza. ALL IMAGES COPYRIGHT CAMERA CREATONS


2 responses to “Rancho del Sol Pacifico, Malibu Wedding Photos”

  1. Julie, we love you!!! The pics were totally amazing and we are truly happy you were a part of our big day! :]Fernanda & Amir


  2. Fernanda and Amir, Thank you for your comment. It was a blast for us to be there for you and a pleasure to photograph such a fun loving, kind and attractive couple.


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