This past Monday,  July 19th I attended a workshop event given by the Association of Bridal Consultants at The Bungalow Club in Los Angeles.

Dana and Hunter,

The workshop speakers were Dana LaRue and Hunter Stiebel of The Broke Ass Bride. Dana and Hunter were such inspired speakers and were so giving with their knowledge about blogging and branding. One of the many tidbits of information that I took home was something that I almost forgot about and that is the “hash symbol” (#) for Tweets. This symbol is excellent to place before words that are normally keywords for your blog or website. Basically words that will call attention to your field of interest, be it career or hobby. A word with a hash symbol in front of it will be search-able for people looking to follow Twitter posts of common interest. Give it a try.

The evening was made even more pleasant with the family style dinner given by the Bungalow Club and the company of fellow wedding specialists such as: Wendy Spears, a warm and friendly Rabbi and Reverend Clint Hufft, a non-denomination minister. Such a blessed table. To my left of the table was Doyle Borden of myflowerguy, a spirited and enthusiastic florist. Imagine that: a florist that can make beautiful arrangements and is full of personality to make your wedding day even more fun. And, finally, I enjoyed tasting the delicate pastries of Bittersweet Treats with Nellie Mum who is owner of Pleasant Surprise Events. Nellie is a sweetheart who operates her event planning and coordinating company with trusty lead assistant Chrisma Aguilar.


  1. great tips! Thanks for sharing!!


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