We were so fortunate last night to be invited by our friend Rick Baum to the Hollywood Bowl to see the Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Slatkin with violinist Sarah Chan playing the lead. It was a voluptuous experience both sonically and gastronomically (if both of those are actually words  — well if not they should be, LOL). We, being David, Allen, Rick and myself, sat at the very center front row of the booths at the Bowl. Rick served up a meal that he had prepared in advance which could have put any French chef to shame. I brought some wines that I purchased at Fancifull Gift Baskets on Melrose with the selections guided by Wally August, the owner. And, then for desert I brought some pastries coming from Michel Richard that has moved to 707 N Stanley ave. on North Stanley and Melrose.

Sitting where we sat the sound quality was intoxicating. I was able to here all of the instruments and then when Sarah Chan began to play I was brought to tears. A gifted and masterful performance from Chan of Shostakovitch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor, Op. 77. Played the way only those who have mastered their instrument so thoroughly that they now give performances that seem effortless and coming from the heart. The orchestra members seemed equally moved by her performance and the Phil gave an inspired performance of Shostakovitch’s Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47 as well. 

An absolutely wonderful night that has left a very positive impression on my soul. Thanks Rick!

Sarah Chan

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