Okay, so February is around the corner and Valentine’s Day is one of the more memorable days of that month. Are you ready? If you missed the holidays to pop that special question (hint: “Will you marry me?”) Valentine’s Day can be the perfect moment. Camera Creations can help you out in two ways: One, if you simply MUST pop the question, but don’t know what to say. Relax.  Dave Cagle of Strategic Ink has all the words and will help you put them together. Of course, it’s not easy finding the words that tell exactly how you feel and how you can’t live without her or him any longer.  But Dave works with his clients to find just the right things to say. Your problems are solved.
Here’s handsome Dave: 
Dave Cagle of Strategic Ink
Two, every Valentine’s Day we offer discounted sessions on couple’s portrait sessions or Boudoir sessions starting in mid-January. Having a portrait done together can offer yet another opportunity to bond, and show the commitment that you share with your loved one to family and friends. And well, frankly a Boudoir session can be a lovely present to offer your other half in order to stimulate them to pop the question. Session prices for couples are now $200 (normally $275) at the studio includes a $40 print credit 
Rebecca and Nick Portrait Session
and Boudoir Coquine Sessions are now $300 includes 5×5 album (normally $375)
So there you have it Camera Creations is happy to help you this Valentine’s season. Just give us a call and we will set you up: (323) 466-3909

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