Well folks, like I mentioned earlier, Camera Creations is moving to a new location and joining forces with Diana Brown Photography. We’ve been working hard at renovations and are nearing completion. Below are some photos taken on our cell phones of the work in progress. Our studio is called Photography Studio 7, and once renovated, will also be available for rent. We will still be specializing in portrait and wedding photography. And, the first month’s special will be headshots for social networking and dating sites. Note: view videos last for best results.

Julie at the beginning of demolition

Diana at the beginning of demolition

Julie helping Jeffrey Fassbinder gently displacing the demolished wall.

Jeffrey being Jeffrey

Julie wearing her favorite Los Angeles air purifier with Jeffrey at her side

Diana and Julie waving to the soon to be studio fans

One and a half walls down

Champagne and snacks waiting to be eaten

Only the electrician touches this

Getting closer to the final demolition

All walls down and time to sweep up

Way too many 2 by 4’s

Julie getting construction lessons from Jeffrey

Julie taking pity on Jeffrey

It was that easy

We’re still friends

Time to put way too much Spackle on the walls

Diana and Nollie Omranian (super photo editor)

The three Muskateers

Jeffrey making sparks fly

First business letter received

Back of Julie and back of studio from parking lot

Walls down and where is the champagne?

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