Had a wonderful time with Fabienne Struell, a business attorney, who has her own practice: Global Law Practice, at her headshot session at Camera Creations LLC studio. We started with a consultation on the phone where we spoke about background choices, wardrobe suggestions, and how to prepare as far as makeup, hair, and personal pampering were concerned. Fabienne came by on a Saturday and we did the session in a leisurely fashion.

I love photographing people who are not accustomed to being behind the camera. Even as a photographer, I have always been shy behind the camera so therefore understand the discomfort one can feel of having someone pointing a camera at you. I like to talk with my clients to find out what their personal story is, how they want to use their images, and how they wish to be perceived by their own clients or on social media. This information helps me to interpret the best possible outcome for my clients. I want their headshot or portrait sessions to be an enjoyable experience for each and every one of them. Through the years I have become an expert at helping my clients to relax and then bring out the best of their personality during the photo session. Below is an example of some images from our session.

Business Headshot_Fabienne D. Struell

Business Headshot_Fabienne D. Struell

Business Headshot_Fabienne D. Struell

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