All of the prints have been delivered to Lisette Morris and her students after a successful dance portrait photography session at Lisette’s Dance Studio in San Diego, CA. At the end of May I visited Lisette’s school and set up a professional lighting studio with a “fashion gray” background. The young dancers stepped onto the set and were posed by both Lisette and myself. When I go to dance schools I am accompanied by a qualified dance professional to help with the posing. In this case, Lisette and I collaborated in the posing of the dancers. We both are products of a professional dance career and dance training from some of the best teachers at American Ballet Theater in New York. For the dance portrait sessions, I always like to use backgrounds that highlight the dancer in the best way and not distract from their beauty. And, I strive to create an atmosphere of fun and artistry, as we are dealing with a passionate group of people who love what they do. The parents are ecstatic with the final photographic images, since they represent priceless moments of a child’s life.

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