Diane Jenkins who is an MBA graduate of Pepperdine University’s Graziadio prestigious business degree program came to Camera Creations LLC to have her professional business headshots completed. Diane and I consulted before the session to define exactly what it was that she wanted to project online at various social media sites and her marketing materials via her headshot photographs. We came up with a plan for Diane and proceeded with both an outdoor and an indoor headshot session. Diane had a choice of a two look, or more, (change of cloths/background) session, and she chose to do a three look session. She also wanted some of her images with a white background so that she could choose to separate them from the background and place them on other backgrounds when desired. We occasionally use the green screen when clients are interested in the flexibility of future background changes.

Diane’s choice for her Linkedin profile.

Diane’s choice for her Facebook page.

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