Celebrate February, the month of love, with a couple’s portrait session to express the beauty of your relationship. Give this session as a present to your significant other for Valentine’s Day and you will win many heart points. A session can be done in the studio, or on location at one of your favorite areas in the city. Couple’s portraits look wonderful as large wall portraits in your home, engagement invitations, or as a coffee table album for friends and relatives to browse.

The session includes:
  1. A consultation where we will discuss your wardrobe, styling, the location choice (in studio or a favorite place), and how you want to display your images.
  2. The photography session.
  3. A viewing session at the studio to select your images for an artwork order.

Most importantly, we are teaming up with Carter Kinsella of Fitness on the Go, Los Angeles. Carter is including a $100 gift card with each session when you book a session during the month February 2016.

Call now to book a session before we fill up the schedule: 310-737-8567; Email: Julie@cameracreations.net.

Tip: Gentlemen can profit from a grooming session with a makeup artist before the couple’s session, or any photo session. A grooming session can include skin moisturizing, removal of any unwanted facial hair, light foundation, powder and contouring.

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