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I must start this newsletter with HELLO.

I believe, I have the best audience with my monthly newsletter. I haven’t just sent my newsletter to anyone. I’ve actually picked the best in the industry. After, almost 5 years of learning to market myself. Patricia Lynn Laas, I feel that the smartest move I’ve made, is connecting with uber educated people in the beauty industry.

Yes, you know who you are. I’m always looking to collaborate with other Hair Colorists, Hair Cutters and Barbers. I believe collaborations will bring our industry to new heights. At this time in my career, I’m on my journey. I started beauty school in High School. 16 and only thanks is to my dad for the suggestion to attend beauty school. Graduated in March of 1992. At first I just did hair.

Now I’m building my Brand, Patricia Lynn Laas Hair Co. I have a photographer and we do monthly photoshoots. Also, before and afters at my studio. I have the resources, let’s create some IDEA’s.

I want to tell you about this crazy journey I’ve found myself ON. At first I didn’t even know I was riding. Finally a year later, I’m enjoying the journey. At first, I was questioning every step. I will explain what I mean about my journey. I’m in this business to make a name for myself. My studio in Beverly Hills is quite simple. Yet, everyone seems to be happy with my space. I love my space. I’ve found a few HONEST people I continue to network with.

My photographer, Julie Hopkins, owner of Camera Creations LLC, has been a huge light for my business. Julie, is great with guiding me to participate in her yummy Mother’s Day Special. She is also offering gift certificates as Mother’s Day gifts.

Wow my web guy as I call him. David Aaronson, Owner of Digital Inbound Marketing. David is my marketing guy, Social Media consulting, business consulting, all things marketing consulting, newsletter creator, web maintenance. And by the way a really neat person as well. I’ve been told that I come up first on Google with certain services that I do.

I’ve just divulged my 2 main contacts when it comes to business. If you know me. You must know by now I do like to share my most trusted network. Networking with trusted individuals means referrals to one another.

About this JOURNEY. It started about a year ago February. I received product on February 9th, 2015. The product is a smoothing treatment called K-fusion. This product is incredible. For highly textured and on the healthier side, heads of hair. I’ve become friends with the lead educator from the UK. Daron, traveled to the US to educate me on their ways of smoothing hair. Lorraine Rose is the founder of K-fusion. Lorraine just happened to be on Holiday in Las Vegas. She flew over to Beverly Hills to film a how to video for K-fusion with Daron, myself ( Patricia Lynn Laas ) and my photographer and videographer, Julie Hopkins.

Video of K'Fusion treatment

K-fusion is a US product that I buy from L’Kerabelle in the UK.
K-fusion is 100% FORMALDEHYDE Free
K-fusion will not leave a regrowth line
K-fusion will not make your hair straight
K-fusion will help to control frizz
K-fusion will cut your blowout time in half

K-fusion helps to make your hair moisture resistant

to book your KFusion Smoothing Treatment
in Beverly Hills

Who ever you are, the most successful people in your profession are getting their hair cut by the same person every 3-4 weeks. Just ask them. Then call me and set your next appointment. (310) 384-9360

Additional Services I’ve added in 2014, Concierge Services: I travel to you home, office or hotel

Call Now: 310.384.9360 to make your appointment
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One blowdry $ 80
Three blowouts $ 235
Six blowouts $ 460
Twelve blowouts$ 900

One save $ 5
Three save $ 20
Six save $ 50
Twelve save $120

Patricia Lynn Laas – The Hair Whisperer
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