Professional business headshot photography

When was the last time you updated your professional business headshots for your marketing materials and online presence? Or, do you have images to represent you as a business person that are just as valuable as a photo of the back of your head? A snapshot at your local bar? A selfie that looks like you are an amateur? 

Professional business headshot photography

A professional photographer knows how to light for your particular shaped face. They can capture your expression and eyes that reflect a confident and trustworthy person. It is worth the minimal investment to have professionally done business headshots that reflect you in the best light. The photography session can even be deducted as a business expense!

Professional business headshot photography

The team from Watearth, Inc. decided to invest in a session where several company members came in to Camera Creations LLC studio together to get images created with a similar feel and backdrop color to go on their website.  The images will go up on their site soon. 

Professional business headshot photography

 Call Julie at Camera Creations now to get your professional headshot done now: 310-737-8567.


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