One of the many types of events that I love to photograph is a “grandparent baby shower”.  Yes, that is correct, a shower so that grandma and grandpa can gather a collection of useful items to have in their own home when the spanking newborn baby arrives for those weekend visits. 

If there are grandparents in the family it is inevitable that they will be taking care of the baby from time to time. The grand baby gift list (aside from the obvious diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, clothes, etc.) can include a pack and play with bassinet, sleep pack, simple swaddles, car seat, stroller, travel changing bag, sleeve bag, baby wash, booster seat, baby monitor, baby activity center and just about anything (or everything) from Sweet Pea 4D Baby to Be. Please tell Rebecca, or Irina, that I sent you.

Showers can be done effortlessly at places like Viceroy L’Hermitage in Beverly Hills and by contacting Vivian Campbell to get you set up. The hotel has an elegant, yet warm, setting with many small and large spaces to hold the event.

Book now to reserve you Grandparent Baby Shower today with me at Camera Creations LLC: Camera Creations LLC Scheduling Page

Yes, I like that Julie!

Baby Photography Los Angeles


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