Bolen High, a graphic and website designer and owner of High Arte, wanted to have a portrait done of his dog Morgan and a headshot for himself. So I suggested that he come by the studio to have their human and pet portraits completed. Morgan is a sweet dog who is very well trained and follows Bolen around like his shadow. 

As always, I have the human and their pet hang out for a few minutes so that the pet gets use to the environment at Camera Creations’ studio. We then proceed to the shooting area and begin to create our photography magic. 

Morgan was so responsive that our session was completed in less than one-hour and included a headshot for Bolen to boot. Below are a few images that Bolen chose.

Dog and human portrait session at Camera Creatios LLC, Los Angeles

Bolen offering Morgan a treat, dog photography at Camera Creation LLC, Los Angeles

Morgan standing, dog photography at Camera Creations LLC, Los Angeles

Dog portrait photography at Camera Creations LLC, Los Angeles. Morgan’s portrait.
Headshot photograph of Bolen High at Camera Creations in Los Angeles

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