Katherine Macey of Organize to Excel, a NAPO certified professional organizer, asked me to do a series of poses for her business portrait session so that she can use them to populate her marketing sources both online and in print. She chose several that she can use for her blogging, website, social media pages and printed brochures. 

Getting a series of images from a photography session is a great way to have a number of selections for different occasions. As business owners we can come across opportunities to do speaking engagements, be published in magazines, newspapers or books, or do webinars, interviews or podcasts. Having a series of images that have different expressions and attitudes will make it easy to deliver the right image for the opportunity presented at hand.

At Camera Creations Photography I do this kind of branding sessions either at the studio, at a business location, walking about the town or at an event. We can combine these sessions as packages for an organized selection that can be used again for a plethora of opportunities.

Here are a series of images that Katherine chose:

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