As a member of Westside Referral Network based in Los Angeles, CA, I was hired to photograph the board portraits for our new website. The website demanded three quarter poses and will be used in a special elongated cropped style. Everyone came to the studio to be photographed (along with myself), and we did the portraits with similar lighting and background to keep the consistency of the look. 

I consulted the members beforehand to come to my portrait studio well groomed, with the proper professional attire and then coached them thru the poses to bring out their best qualities. For my headshot and portrait sessions I always do a preparation consultation so that when clients come to the studio to be photographed they are fully prepared and know what to expect. 

Call me to get a consultation for your portrait or headshot session at Camera Creations Photography portrait studio just south of the Beverly Center, 323-466-3909.

Katherine Macy, professional organizer at Organized to Excel

Steve Mass, Mortgage broker at Mason McDuffe

Peter Jobst, Information Technology Consultant of Jobst Consulting, Inc.

Kristian Megowan, Real Estate Investor of Scoutpads

Q Banjai, CPA of Voppell, Inc.
Q Banjai, CPA of Voppell, Inc.

Greg Casserly, fitness coach of Body Schulpture

Anastasia Nikolaou, financial advisor at Ameriprise

Julie Hopkins, portrait and event photographer of Camera Creations Photography

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