Newborn photography sessions are a big part of what I offer at my portrait studio, Camera Creations Photography. Newborn sessions do demand a great deal of preparation beginning with a consultation with the “parents to be” where we take the time, as with all of our portrait clients, to determine their interests, color preferences within my style, and find out what final artwork they desire for the home. 

In this session the grandparents gifted the newborn session for their children, who are now happy parents of a little baby boy pictured in the images below. A few days before the session we had a consultation with the brand new parents, and the grandparents, and took the time to give advice to the mom on what kinds of food are a good idea to stay away from when breast feeding that my cause gas in the baby and ultimately can lead to a non-sleepy baby during the session. At this consultation they chose a pecan green color scheme for the baby, and themselves, in order to complement the baby images so that the images are easy to place together on the wall.

I included a cell phone photograph of the artwork images that I had on display when the family came in to pick up the final artwork from their session. 

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