Chiqeeta Jameson, sales expert, author, speaker and publisher of Culver City Neighbors magazine did her headshot session at my studio, Camera Creations Photography, a little while ago. I did two looks for Chiqeeta and she chose several images to use for different occasions for her business marketing needs. 

Chiqeeta has a best selling book out called Don’t Sell Them Let Them Buy

“The foundation to every successful sale begins with the sales person’s mindset. Chiqeeta Jameson has the ability to shift the mindset to one of serving rather than selling, and impart practical, actionable skills to dramatically improve closing ratios, increase revenue, and deepen customer relationships.

Her customized coaching and training programs connect immediately with her audience. She is funny, engaging, thought-provoking, and results driven. If you are looking for a coach, trainer, or speaker who can entertain and deliver actionable, business-changing content, Chiqeeta’s your expert.

When it comes to sales coaching and training, Chiqeeta focuses on results — long-term, revenue-driving results. If you really want to affect change in your sales team, you have to go beyond skill building and provide a system that helps the salesperson replicate success, and that is what Chiqeeta will do.” To find out more about her sales coaching and training click here.

Below are some of the images from our session. 

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