Florist, Sandra Huerta of Helms Flowers, needed professional headshots as she is being featured at her Culver City Chamber of Commerce. Sandra’s floral business is in the heart of Culver City on Venice Blvd. where she creates custom floral bouquets for her clients.

During her pre-session consultation Sandra and I discussed basic preparation details. As a result Sandra arrived to the session, at Camera Creations Photography portrait studio in Los Angeles, camera ready with a natural makeup application, an attractive hairdo, and two professional outfits that were appropriate for her professional persona. 

Business people find it attractive to do two look sessions and numerous poses so that they have a selection to choose from if they plan to use the images for several marketing possibilities (book publication, feature in a magazine, chamber of commerce feature, business cards, website,…). My business headshot session includes two looks and two retouched digital files ready for use either online or for print, with the possibility to purchase additional images. 

There is an obvious difference between a cell phone picture and a professional headshot and people can tell the difference if only in the most subliminal way. Sandra understands this difference and made the investment in a professional headshot session. She knows that in the long run the resulting images instill confidence in those who see her images either before they meet her, or remember her with a business card that has her photograph.

Professional business headshot

Professional business headshot

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