Doric George, a certified EMDR therapist, of EMDR West Therapy Los Angeles, was here at Camera Creations Photography studio to have his professional headshots taken. As I had advised, Doric came to the studio with a pair of glasses where he had removed the glass. His eyes sparkled and we were able to get many more facial movements as there was no light glare on the glass of the eyeglasses. 

Before the session we did a phone consultation where we went through the details on how to best prepare for the session. Besides advising Doric on removing the glass from his eyeglasses, we also spoke about clothing, grooming and backdrop color. Doric will use his images for the website and other marketing needs. 

Below are some of the images that Doric chose. Two of them are very similar. However, Doric chose them, because he will use them when he wants to relay subtle different messages. Having a nice choice of good proof images allows one to choose images for different occasions. 

Professional headshot of EMDR therapist

Professional headshot of EMDR therapist

Professional headshot of EMDR therapist

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