Julie Hopkins of BestLAPhotographer.com on Episode #69 of The Marketing Checklist Viewcast

A podcast that I completed at Camera Creations Photography studio via a Zoom interview with Hank and Sharyn Yuloff, my marketing gurus.

Link to podcast click here!

Transcript from podcast:

Keeping in mind we only have a three-story building, what is your elevator story?
“When you photograph a face… you photograph the soul behind it.” -Jean-Luc Godard, the exceptional French filmmaker. So, with this in mind, I create one of the most valuable items in people’s lives their photographs. The first way I do this, is to create family portraits… so you can fill your home with life remembrances that surround your with family love and a sense of history and secondly, I help business people with their marketing by providing soul-filled headshots and portraits so that potential clients can identify them as stellar professionals.

What is your business all about?
Really, it’s about forming relationships with people, because then I can do my job. By forming a relationship with my clients I get to know what they want from a portrait session and a glimpse of their personality so that when I get them in front of a camera, I can capture their essence. I want my portrait subjects to either have their life experiences reflected in a photograph that hangs on the walls of their home, or help the business person succeed in their marketing efforts by means of professional headshots or portraits.

Why should our listeners flock to you?
When people come to me, whether there coming for portraits or business headshots they are having an experience and not just being photographed. I create this experience by spending a great deal of time with my portrait clients with first a consultation to prepare before the photography session day, and then with my portrait clients I spend time after the session with an in-studio session where display the images on a large screen and I assist clients to choose their photographs for the artwork that will eventually grace the walls of their home.

What tips can you give our listeners?
As we all know, time passes so quickly and members of our family may not be with us as long as we like, so don’t hesitate to get your family portraits completed before it’s too late. And, for business people, your potential clients notice the difference between a professional headshot or portrait, and an amateur image taken with a cell phone that often is too dark and may contain a tree behind your head. So don’t be afraid to invest in photographs that represent you as a professional, and most importantly, please make sure that your professional headshots and portraits are current. You don’t want people going to your social media and saying, “Oh my gawd, that looks nothing like you!”

What is an amusing job title for what you do?
“Memory maker”

What are the most common questions people ask you about your business?
Are all of the digital files included for free with with the session? Do you have a studio?

What was a most unexpected thing you ever encountered in your business?
A book publisher asked me give them copyright and relinquish my own after the session was completed and images delivered, meaning that I would lose ownership of my own images. Photographers, in general, never release their copyright as contracts can be drawn up before a session that “license” images for specific usage and can be done in perpetuity.

What is your favorite business tool that you use to get the job done for you clients?
My pop-up soft boxes. They are quality soft boxes producing excellent light and they are easy to transport and set up for location sessions.

What 4-letter word best describes your business?

What about your business makes you the most happy?
When family members come to a “design/ordering session” and see their images for the first time and shed tears of joy in seeing the relationship and value of their loved ones through the images. I feel a sense of gratification and happiness to be able to provide them with the photography experience.

What did you learn in nursery school that most helps you in your business?
Getting into the habit of “napping” as one of the self-care habits that has helped me to succeed in my business today. Sleep, amongst other de-stressing activities, is one of the most important elements in maintaining good health and hence ability to conduct my business affairs successfully.

What is the # 1 fantasy lead you could receive?
A continuous flow of referrals from overjoyed clients who understand the value of portraits for the home and spend freely as they know that they are getting a lifetime of value.

How did you know that photography was going to be your calling?
Ballet was my first calling and I had a professional ballet career for thirteen years. So, I was spoiled and it took me another eight years after retiring from ballet to find my second calling of photography. And this discovery took place at a Santa Monica College photography class where I learned how to use the SLR camera in order to take good photographs to be able to paint by. I unexpectedly fell in love with photography during this class and knew at that point that it was my second “calling”.

If someone is listening and loves joint ventures, what describes your ideal partner for trading leads?
Co-marketing with businesses like Obgyn and pediatrician offices, pet stores, dog trainers and baby clothing stores. Events, gift certificates, or do headshot for office staff.

What offer would you like to give our listeners so they can begin a conversation with you?
If you’re considering getting some professional photographs even if it is not with me, but it should be, you can give me a call and I will give you advice on how get started on preparing for a session, and for the business professional I can guide you on how to decide on what kind of imagery you need in order to use your images for marketing.

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