Portraits for Valentines Day Take on All Forms

Valentine’s Day is for lovers of all persuasions. Couples are the most commonly seen in portraits together representing love for Valentine’s Day. However, a portrait of a couple with their cherished pets is yet another wonderful way to visually celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. 

Nicole and Kristian are seen below in a variety of poses for the camera and ultimately printed memories for their home. They both love their pugs very much and wanted to make sure that they captured them with professional photography during their all too short lives. 

If you are wanting to give a special gift for Valentine’s Day, a portrait session at Camera Creations Photography gift certificate can be a wonderful idea. Give me a call to schedule a free consultation: 323-466-3909.

Couple photograph

Couple photograph

Couple with their two pugs

Couple with their two pugs

Man with his two pugs

Couple photograph

Black pug in studio photograph

Beige pug in studio photograph

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