I recently added a new page to my website that explains the value of doing team and onboarding headshot sessions for your company branding and success. It is so easy now with new technology that will allow individual employees to schedule a time for their headshots either for a team headshot day or as part of the on-boarding process where employees can pay directly as well if this is the company policy. Please click on the website page to see more:

  • A great way to get a uniform look for professional headshots is to have your headshots done for all team members during a scheduled headshot day or on an on going basis for new members of your team. It can become part of your employee onboarding process. I can photograph using the same lighting scenario with the same background color. Team headshot pricing is also a more financially sound investment for your company.
  • I use online scheduling, an image viewing website, and online delivery to make your company’s experience seamless. By creating a fun ambiance, coming prepared with little extras like hair spray, extra ties, lint rollers, portable mirrors and powder for touch-ups, and sending preparation instructions to your company beforehand, your employees will actually look forward to the photo day.
  • A one-look headshot session per team member usually last five to ten minutes with help on posing and facial expressions. After each person images can be viewed on-site for selection. Each member gets one high-resolution retouched image. Finished images are delivered via Google Drive or to your preferred FTP server. Preparation details are supplied for team members. A custom online appointment calendar for headshot day will be provided where members can also pay for their session if this is your company policy. And, for continuous on-boarding headshot scheduling a permanent personalized web page can be established for new team members and on-boarding. 

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