Looking at my hard drive today, I came across images from a fun photoshoot I did just before Covid at the photo studio and forgot to post. A young model, Shyane Laas, who was aspiring at the time of this model photography session at my photography studio in Los Angeles, wanted to get a “Zed” card completed in one session. So we spoke about outfits that would show we different modeling attributes, makeup and hair (done by her hair stylist and color specialist mom Patricia Lynn Laas who does hair in Beverly Hills and for select celebrities in Southern California) and the type of headshot photography that she was going for. She wanted a specific “look” for her card of color and black and white alternating images. I completed the card layout for her, so all she needed to do was to take the digital file to the printers.

When doing sessions such as these it is important to have a consultation with the photographer beforehand to make sure that they understand what you want out of the session and that they have the proper training, equipment and studio environment to accomplish your goal. As a portrait photographer in Los Angeles, where the competition is fierce, I find that consultations ease the minds of my customers so that when they come into the photography session we can have a fun creative time!

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