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Pointe Shoes at the Malaga Castle, Los Angeles

Dance to Live

Dance is an artform with ephemeral qualities and that is part of what makes it so enjoyable to watch. The excitement of a live performance and not knowing “exactly” what to expect next. The joy of the music and the pleasure of sharing an evening at the theater with friends or family. All play a part in the special nature of a live dance performance.

The beauty of dance is not easy to capture via photography, but when it is done well it speaks of the drama, line, form, emotions and technical prowess of the dancer. 

Julie Hopkins, as a former professional ballet dancer for 13 years, has the gift and technical expertise to capture this ephemeral art-form with her already developed eye of a dancer. Whether it be a studio portrait or a performance photograph, Julie has the skill and eye to capture both.

Julie is available to photograph dance performance, dance school photography, studio dance portraits for auditions or artistic expression, and any performance event. Call Julie at 323-466-3909 for more information.

Dance School Photography

Dance students in Little Red Riding Hood dance with wolves.

A serious dance school should have annual, if not bi-annual, portraits taken of their dancers. Parents are ecstatic when they see their children in theatrical costumes, dance poses and happy smiles. These portrait sessions can only be a benefit to the school as happy parents will make happy clients for the dance school.

Julie’s dance school photography program involves a consultation with the school director to set up the logistics and timing of the sessions, promotional materials in the form of E-mail flyers announcing the date and time of the session, order forms for photography artwork, a setup at school with background choice and lighting, Julie and an assistant at the session to pose dancers and take artwork orders.Call today to schedule your session: 323-466-3909

Dance Performance Photography

Dance performance photography involves a great deal of skill from the photographer. Not only does the photographer need to understand lighting in low light situations, but also have knowledge of dance movement vocabulary. 

Julie Hopkins, the photographer, passed 13 years of her life as a professional ballet dancer in companies such as Los Angeles Ballet, Zurich Ballet and Monte Carlo Ballet. With her arsonal of knowledge in both photography and dance, Julie is the perfect candidate for photographing the ephemeral artform of dance. 

Julie can attend rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performance to compile a documentary style collection of images for the dance company, dance television show, or dance school performance. Images can be used for newspaper, advertising brochures, posters for performance venues with proper credit to the photographer.

Dance Portraits

Dancer Li jumping high with white sheer scarf

Dance portrait photography can be accomplished as either an interpretive dance session or a series of dance moves to represent a dancer for audition presentations. 

Julie Hopkins is equipped with expertise knowledge of dance, as her background includes a 13-year career as a professional ballet dancer, and can help the dancer achieve the best outcome from the session. For example, a young dancer may be struggling with a specific step, her arm position may be a bit off, Julie will acknowledge the problem and work with the dancer until the dancer gets it right. The dancer will leave with a portrait representing a well-executed step and have a “step” up on the other dancers who may go to the audition with a snap shot taken by someone who does not know how to shoot dance.

An interpretive dance photography session entails the creative efforts of the photographer and dancer. Sessions can be done at the studio or a specific location. They often involve costuming, dramatic lighting, props, and strong emotions. The resulting images are great for a professional dancer’s portfolio. Call Julie today to schedule a portrait session: 323-466-3909.

Dance Images Published

Complimentary Consultations

Call me to schedule an in studio complimentary consultation appointment where I get to know you, give you expert advice on how to prepare for your session, show you samples of artwork and find out your home design style (for portrait sessions), so that when it comes time for your photography session you are fully prepared and can just relax and have a great experience. Call me at 323-466-3909.

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