For those of you who missed this posting I’ve pasted it once again below. The deadline for a session has been extended to November 30th.

Press Release
Portraits of Love Project Aims to Send 10,000 Free Family Portraits to Deployed Soldiers This Holiday Season

Local Photographer Among Those Volunteering to Help Send a Piece of Home to Soldiers Abroad

Old Bridge, NJ, August 11, 2009 — The PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) along with Soldiers’ Angels, a grassroots volunteer organization, revealed today the Portraits of Love Project, a volunteer effort aimed at sending family portraits to soldiers around the globe this holiday season.

Designed to help bring a piece of home to soldiers around the world, the project is utilizing the talents of over 150 volunteer photographers across the country who are opening their studios this September, to offer free family portraits to military family members who have a soldier deployed overseas. The portraits will be uploaded to a website, http://www.pmdaportraitsoflove.com, and a print will be sent, free of charge, directly to the soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever they are deployed around the world. The goal of the project is to send 10,000 free family portraits during the month of September.

As part of this project, Julie Hopkins of Camera Creations has opened their studio during the months of September thru November to take professional family portraits of soldier’s families. Military family members call them at 323-466-3909, or go online at http://www.cameracreations.net to make an appointment. You will have to show a valid military ID to be eligible for this offer.

“This project is the photo industry’s way of giving back to our soldiers, and thanking them for the sacrifices they have made for our country,” said Jerry Grossman, the president of the PMDA who has spearheaded the effort. “Our industry is uniquely qualified to bring an important piece of home to our soldiers, and we’re pleased to be able to organize this effort.”

“It’s incredible how motivating a simple family photograph can be to a soldier who is far from home,” said Sergeant First Class Toby Nunn, who has served two tours in Iraq and has worked with Soldiers Angels on a number of projects. “This volunteer effort is one more way that we can help our soldiers cope with their situation,” he said.

The website was developed by Fujifilm, a PMDA member who has underwritten this effort; and SeeHere.com from Fujifilm is supplying the free prints to the soldiers and their families.

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