The days are passing by rapidly for those of us involved in the renovation project of our new Photography Studio 7. The sanding, and Spackle are done and now owners and photographers of Camera Creations and Diana Brown Photography are teamed up here with Nollie Omranian (photography editor) and Louis Cimino (writer) to complete the paint job that was badly needed before rental of our studio, or photo sessions could take place. Below are some more cell phone photographs depicting our fun and excitement to complete this stage of renovations.

Nollie decorated in her studio “war paint”

We thought that Diana needed some war paint too.

Having way too much fun in our war paint.
Writer Louis Cimino gratuiously helped us with the painting project.

Diana nicely framed in paint roller.

Yeah, most of the paint is on.

Julie expressing her joy at this stage of the painting project.

Nollie has been put to work again.

Julie ready to squeeze in a networking meeting with members of Executive Le Tip of West Los Angeles.

Julie adding the tape for final paint trim on the windows.

Diana multitasking once again.

Diana showing off her new skirt while painting.

Paint job done.

Julie on her way home after a long night of painting.

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