After the last brush strokes on our fabulous red door went on at Photography Studio 7, where Camera Creations and Diana Brown Photography now live, we hosted an event on March 27, 2011, “Beautiful Inside & Out” in our photography session room. Mahogany Hair Revolution organized this event and requested that we participate as a host to the lecture segment of the event. Beautiful women did attend this event as can be witnessed below in the photographs snapped at the event. We also received our business signs that are now visible to the public eye as they pass our studio front.

Inspired by my Trader Joe’s bag

The red door was born (Diana in action)

Red door standing proud

Our first piece of furniture to place some marketing materials

I pose my clients much better than I pose (I am better at movement/dance)

Postcard from the event “Beautiful Inside & Out”

People anxious to get in to the event

Women getting a peek through the door.

Next group hoping to get into the lecture room.

Some more beautiful women

One beautiful woman

Seminar lecturer

Diana taking a seat during the lecture

Diana’s new sign from “Signs of LA”

Julie’s new sign from “Signs of LA”

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